Equality of LOVE ~ Mandee & Paige | VOTE NO MN

Oct• 29•12

This is a story of love. Two people in love. Two women in love. Two women who one day wish to legally marry each other.

I have known Mandee since I photographed her dad’s wedding in 2008. I also photographed her mom’s wedding in 2012 (where these images were taken). Mandee and Paige have been a couple for over two years, and have talked about marriage. But sadly, they aren’t able to legally marry in the state of MN. and this November we are faced with an amendment vote that would change our State Constitution to define marriage as “one man and one woman”. This is so incredibly wrong on so many levels. We live in the land of the free, land of equality. By putting this into our constitution we would be limited freedoms to a large population. We would be moving backwards instead of forwards. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you have GOT to believe in “freedom for all”………

Back in 2008, I knew there was something about Mandee that made me think our paths would cross again. In June of 2009 I hired her as an office assistant and she worked for me for two and a half years. During that time, she met Paige. I had the pleasure of watching her fall head over heels in love with Paige. They truly have one of the most solid and loving relationships I have seen. They have had their ups and downs as all couples do, but they are willing to do whatever it takes to resolve their problems. When she met Paige, I just knew she was “the one” for Mandee. They have this easy style between them (and can share each others clothes!). I can only hope to find a man to complete me the way these two complete each other!!

When one is sick, the other makes soup. When one is feeling down, the other lifts them up. When one has a success, the other cheers in joy. They are the epitomy of  “for better or worse”. They love each other unconditionally. They want to marry each other one day (legally). They want to have the same rights and resources and “straight people”. They deserve every bit of equality that I am allowed. PLEASE, I beg you, VOTE NO on Nov. 6th. It’s the right thing to do!

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  1. Jane says:

    ARE YOU SMOKING WEED TO WRITE THIS? They can hook up all they please, but our authority, the BIBLE is very clear about marriage. They do not qualify to earn the rights of a man and woman legally married. Read the Bible!

  2. Amy Zellmer says:

    So if I don’t believe in the Bible, does that not make me an American citizen?!? just sayin. People’s rights go WAY beyond the bible.