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Jul• 02•15

This past weekend I had the pleasure to photograph an old high school friend’s wedding! The best part?! She married my Neuro Chiropractor who has helped me through my Traumatic Brain Injury, whiplash, and other injuries!¬†When she heard about my fall, she called me and said “Amy! Go see Fred, NOW!” and I did! (if know Belinda, you will totally hear her tone in that quote!) They were married at Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul.

These two are so happy and in love, it makes me happy!! Between them they have 5 children (Fred is surrounded by a whole lot of women) and they all get along amazingly well! I enjoy spending time with them, and will hopefully get some beach time with them soon!

Their wedding day was GORGEOUS, and their photos are fabulous! They were surrounded by about 75 of their closest friends and family (there were quite a few body builders in the room, as Belinda and Fred do a lot of strength training). The ceremony was full of laughter, and the world always needs more laughter! As they were enjoying their first kiss, the 5 kids all ran up and group-hugged them. It was positively the best moment of the day, and I moment I will never forget as a photographer! Their reception immediately followed outside, after they changed into tanks and shorts (in totally Belinda and Fred fashion). Their first dance was to a live Blues Band under a gorgeous canopy of trees in the middle of the woods. It was totally perfect and totally them!

I hope you enjoy their sneak peek! Love you two to the moon and back!!!


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  1. Dr. Fred Clary says:

    Thanks Amy for making the day so fantastic…As always you caught all the important moments and then some…love ya! FRED