The Merk Family | Nashville, TN | Destination Photographer

Jul• 01•15

The benefit of being a Destination Photographer and hopping in the car to travel the country, is seeing old friends that you don’t get see often!

I went to college with Tracy and we were roommates for a year (six girls living in an apartment with ONE small bathroom! How on earth did we survive that?!) Because my travels seem to keep taking me through the Nashville, TN area, I have gotten to see her and her beautiful family several times this past year. Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing her pregnancy, and, naturally, this spring I was able to photograph the family with a new addition!!

They are the most hospitable people I know, and staying at their home in the woods is SO relaxing…… I wish I could visit for a week (or two)!! Not to mention driving through the Smokies is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for always being so generous with your home, I appreciate it more than you know!!

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