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Feb• 11•15
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My blog post trending on the front page of Huffington Post

A few weeks ago I first shared my story of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with my readers. It took me months to get up the courage to write the original post. It took even more courage to submit it to Huffington Post, but I did. It was published on Monday afternoon this week. It has sat on their front page all week (right next to Jon Stewart and Christina Aguilera at one point!). You can read it here:

It has been shared, commented on, tweeted, liked, and so much more over the past three days. As of writing this, it has received 1.8K “likes”!!! WHAT!?! I have received hundreds of emails, FB messages, tweets, and texts. I am overwhelmed at the gratitude, love, support, and encouragement I have received from strangers all over the country who have survived a TBI, or have a loved one who has.

I am humbled and honored to receive these stories. Some of them have not even been shared with their loved ones. But they opened up to me, because they completely resonated with what I wrote. I had said that if my story touched just one person, it was worth sharing publicly. I never guessed it would go viral and have such a powerful, positive effect in the world! I am glad I mustered up the courage and allowed myself to be vulnerable.

My hope is that those who are struggling with a TBI will not feel alone in their recovery. And that those who have never heard of a TBI or don’t quite understand “what” it is will gain a better sense of understanding, and be able to show grace and compassion towards strangers they come across who just aren’t “quite right” and they don’t know why.

I plan to continue writing about TBI recovery on a consistent basis. The public approval of my current article has given me the push that I needed to move forward. Keep those stories coming to me, friends. They will help me shape the direction of what I write about!!
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