Love On Trial Part Three | Photojournalist Amy Zellmer

Jun• 21•11

Love On Trial Part Three

Over the course of this week I am going to be blogging about something very personal and near to my heart: The trial of my sister’s life partner who is a lesbian pastor in the Methodist Church. I am going to open myself up and dish out my heart to my readers in an effort of raising awareness about what is happening in our country, especially in light of the gay marriage ban that the Minnesota Senate is currently trying to pass on our upcoming election ballots.

Rev. Amy Delong is on trial with the Methodist Church for being an openly-gay pastor in a committed relationship; and also for officiating the marriage of other gay couples.   My sister, Val, and her partner,   Amy,   reside in Wisconsin and have been legally granted Domestic Partnership since November 2009 when it first became legalized in the state.   For more information on Amy and her trial visit and also become a fan on facebook.

Please check back  frequently for photos and updates as the trial progresses, and remember to read previous posts as well!

Part Three
This morning supporters gathered outside of the Church for a short worship before entering the church for the Proffer (proof of evidence). Since the church didn’t allow their evidence or their witnesses, they were allowed to discuss them “on the record” this morning. They are entered into the court documents, however, the jury will not hear or see them.

The courtroom was filled with supporters and the defense team did a great job presenting the proffer to the Bishop. I am truly amazed at how unaccepting the church is, am I the only one who finds the name of the church ironic?! LOL.  I really don’t understand how someone like the President can get a blow job from an intern and continue to rule our country with fairly little reprimand, yet a woman who chooses to live in a loving, caring, intimate relationship with another woman is having to go thru hell while the church tries to remove her credentials. (don’t get me wrong, I heart Bill Clinton <3 ~ i’m just sayin’!)  I overheard one woman say that she has just come to accept the fact that she will never be welcome in a church. HOW FREAKING SAD IS THIS?? I was raised in the Lutheran Church and from what I remember of my education, I thought the church was supposed to be an all-encompassing and loving community. Clearly my eyes are being opened to what a hateful world the UMC has become.

Here are some images of this morning’s activities!


















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