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Jun• 23•11

Love On Trial Part Seven
Over the course of this week I am going to be blogging about something very personal and near to my heart: The trial of my sister’s life partner who is a lesbian pastor in the Methodist Church. I am going to open myself up and dish out my heart to my readers in an effort of raising awareness about what is happening in our country, especially in light of the gay marriage ban that the Minnesota Senate is currently trying to pass on our upcoming election ballots.

Rev. Amy Delong is on trial with the Methodist Church for being an openly-gay pastor in a committed relationship; and also for officiating the marriage of other gay couples.   My sister, Val, and her partner,   Amy,   reside in Wisconsin and have been legally granted Domestic Partnership since November 2009 when it first became legalized in the state.   For more information on Amy and her trial visit and also become a fan on facebook.

Please check back  frequently for photos and updates as the trial progresses, and remember to read previous posts as well!

Part Seven
This morning started out with a bit of drizzle, but nothing that would keep away Amy’s supporters from lining up at the church for worship outside! This morning we heard the closing arguments from both sides. The Defense knocked it outta the park! It was truly awesome! The Prosecution was evil, ugly and gross. A couple quotes I wrote down from them: “becoming a gay-affirming church will cause harm within the Methodist Church” & “it may open doors to poligomy”. I seriously wished I had blow darts while sitting in my tiny, hard chair. The Jury has gone off to deliberate and come up with the punishment for Amy. Keep in mind here that she is only being charged with a Holy Union of a same-sex couple so hopefully the punishment will fit the crime (i.e. not much) Shouldn’t same-sex couples be allowed the right to have a pastor give them a blessing at their union ceremony? Come on church, can you hear me know?!?!











Val and Amy with the entire Defense Team ~ who totally ROCKED!!!!

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