Katie’s Beautiful Boudoir Session | Twin Cities Boudoir

Jul• 12•12

I had the pleasure of  working with Katie a few weeks ago to create a stunning boudoir gift for her husband-to-be. She was so incredibly easy to work with, and i’m pretty sure she had a blast during her session 🙂

I hear it all the time “I am so nervous. This is way out of my comfort zone” Of course you are and it is! You’ve never done this before!! I have honestly never, not once, had a client still nervous after a few minutes into the session. Usually by the first change of clothes, the client is working it like she’s a supermodel! and that’s exactly what I am hoping for! Confidence is super sexy!!!

I want all women to experience a boudoir session, it is empowering. It will make you feel gorgeous, sexy, and confident. I don’t care if you have no one to give the images to, give the session to yourself to feel like a diva for a few hours!!!

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