Confidence is Sexy | St. Paul Boudoir Photographer

Mar• 05•13

This past year I had the honor of photographing over 100 boudoir sessions at the studio. Boudoir is truly my favorite session to photograph (newborn and pregnancy come in closely right behind it). I love giving women the opportunity to feel beautiful, sexy, and confident. There is nothing more rewarding than when a client leaves their viewing appointment stating how they can’t get over how great they look!!

Every single woman is beautiful and sexy, no matter their age, shape, or size. I wish more women would start to realize how gorgeous they are instead of worrying about whether or not I can photoshop the (non existant) cellulite off their thighs. I get it, we all have issues with some part of our body, but we need to embrace who we are and go forward in the world with confidence. Confidence is super sexy!!!

Our society has such warped views with what is a healthy weight and size. I know I am overweight. But I still feel sexy and confident. I will NOT hang my head in shame because society thinks I am too heavy. I will walk with my head held high, shake my ass, and let my smile shine!

I encourage EVERY woman to do a boudoir session. I know it can be a little un-nerving to walk around in lingerie in front of a stranger, but TRUST ME ~ I have never had a single session still nervous after about 3 minutes into the session. There is always that instant in which I can feel the client loosen up and begin to work it for the camera. They start to have FUN, and that is when the real beauty will shine!!

Here is a small sampling of sessions from this past year!! Call today to book YOUR boudoir session!! We have broken all of our packages into payments to make it a little easier on your wallet!

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