A Suprise Proposal | Amy Zellmer Photojournalist

Dec• 11•12

I had the distinct honor of being part of a suprise proposal last week!! Nick contacted me and explained what he was up to. His girlfriend was kind of “expecting” it to be coming soon, so he had planned a fake bed & breakfast escape for that coming Sunday. He told his girlfriend he was being featured by his Insurance company in a magazine article about up and coming agents in MN, and his boss was in on the whole plan. His boss recruited a fellow business owner in the building to act as CEO of the Insurance company, who would be conducting an “interview” with Nick after I snapped a few photos of Nick and his girlfriend.

They came in and we all introduced ourselves before I took a couple photos of the couple. Nick then asked “Can we do one more pose?” to which I said “of course” as he got down on  his knee to ask Kimberly to marry him!! She started crying as soon as she realized what he was up to, Nick had hidden the ring in his sock because he knew she would find it otherwise!! After she said yes, there were lots of hugs and then some champagne!!

I am so very honored to have been a part of their very special moment and captured it on film for them to remember the moment forever!!

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